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WELCOME TO ROACH SURVIVAL GEAR We hope to make your great escape a little easier and more affordable at the same time. Ultimately our initial goal was to be based on survival gear but after shopping around we found lots of good stuff to use for all kinds of activities. All of our products are so multi-functional that everyone should have at least 1 kit on hand at all times. In your car, truck, motorhome, boat or even your home, we have affordable kits to help with most situations and they are all compact. We truly believe we have something for everyone. Even though you will best know how to put these wonderful tools to work – everything here would also make great gifts for friends and family. Perhaps even as a gift for yourself? The tools I have found are good for nearly any season and with some of the items you will find here there won’t be any limitations to their use. The only limitation will be what you do with them. Even with our intended survival gear origins these tools alone will not allow you to live fully off grid. These are meant to help you get to that life while using up only a little space and leaving you plenty of room for seeds, rations, clothes and whatever else you plan on carrying IF the time comes. Although you will still have to learn how to build what you need to live off grid yourself, we feel our products will definitely give you a needed boost in the right direction. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your shopping experience.